Sugar Molds

Sugar molds date back to the Middle Ages. Raw sugar cane syrup would be poured into a mold. Once dried, the sugar would form a hard cone, easy to store easy to transport. In the mid 19th century refined sugar began to compete with the raw, and over time the sugar mold  would become obsolete.

Ellen and I stumbled upon five of them at a yard sale in East Hampton in early summer of  2010. Although not knowing what they were at the time, I was immediately drawn to them. Two had three holes, three had four, and each were beautiful. The sugar mold has a rich and interesting history, as they were an essential part of vast and powerful sugar trade. Today, some collect them, some use them as candle holders.

The “Cow” appeared after the two “Nesting Birds” but before “Jazz Man” and “Side Man.” The horns are made from a hearty vine that is quite vigorous here.